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                           NORTHERN MICHIGAN INFIDELS

We are a group of Men and Women, Highly trained and dedicated to the foundational principles upon which this Nation was founded. We further believe that though all men may be created equal, their values are not. We have each as free men and women, swore an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States as well the Constitution of the State of Michigan. We will defend against all enemies, be they foreign or domestic. We will at all times work toward and pray diligently for peaceful resolution in all matters while preparing for the reality that peaceful resolution is not always possible. We are, as a well regulated Militia, fully prepared to fight for the preservation of Liberty, out of respect for those that came before us and on behalf of both ourselves and future generations. We take our oath and responsibility to maintain freedom in the face of tyranny seriously and are well prepared to defend it at any cost. The changing of laws does not change TRUTH or JUSTICE. We refuse to sacrifice our freedoms on the alter of fear and safety. If you believe in these values as we do, We would welcome you to join us. The well Regulated Militia may very well be the last vestige of hope for America. May our Father in Heaven bless this Nation. And may He hold fast His judgment upon the evil and the ignorant that willingly seek to destroy this Republic. If you are interested, you can contact: Jeff Sieting at


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