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Heads stuck up their Matrix

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Its quite a predicament that we as Patriotic Americans find ourselves in. Today we as citizens of this once great Nation, join together in remembrance of what is known as 9-11. We bow our heads in silence, we wave our Flags, we acknowledge the fallen along with those that serve the Public Safety and pray. Each in our own way. The images of that day have faded a bit. Sure we remember. But all of our lives go on. According to MSM along with some others, they tell us that justice has been served. Bin Laden is dead and the others responsible died in the wreckage. And so now, we just simply do our best to keep the memories of those that perished alive. Nice. Sounds pretty warm & fluffy to me. But thats all it is. Warm & fluffy. Looking back, I know factually that the Civil War was a war of economics. Sure they say it was to free the slaves. But anyone that has studied history outside the confines of government run educational systems knows otherwise. But again. Its a warm & fluffy narrative. Then came WW 1 and the sinking of the Lusitania. A ship loaded with over a thousand civilian passengers that was intentionally put in harms way hoping it would be sunk as a means to drag us into that ungodly event. Next came WW 2 another war that the American people wanted nothing to do with. But after the bombing of Pearl Harbor that all changed. We now know that the U.S. had cut off all oil supplies to Japan prompting a strike that our elected knew was coming....and they let it. Knowing that public opposition to the war would change after such an event. Vietnam is another tragic example of our governments willingness to lie to the American people in order that the multitudes would endorse yet another war...all based on lies & propaganda. The incident alleged in the Bay of Tonkin never happened, admittedly. Documents have proven this along with verbal admission from the liars themselves. And the weapons of mass destruction? you know, the ones that were never found after we invaded another sovereign country based on lies of the elected. George W. Bush thought it was funny. I have left many things out of this narrative. It would take too long to write it all. All of this to bring me to the point of this post. I am in fact an American Patriot. I would give my life & all that I own for the cause of Freedom & Liberty. However, I will not for one second pretend that the historic depiction of 9-11 & its cause possess much truth if any at all. We know that historically we have been lied to time & time again. Lies that cost the lives of 10s of thousands if not millions, yet we are to believe this. Well I for one do not, along with MANY others. If it were not for the bravery & selfless sacrifices made by so many that believed in the propagandized American dream & died for it, I would NEVER fly an American Flag again. It has become nothing more than a tool of hypnosis used to keep the sheep loyal to a cause. When I salute that Flag, I salute the millions that died for it while at the same time, despise those that hide behind it. May God have mercy on those that lost so much that day & may God Damn those that truly committed it.

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