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I mean no a-fence, Build the DAMN wall

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

The first two questions that come to mind are, who in the hell drags their kids to an invasion of a foreign country in diapers? and secondly, who in the hell waves the flag of a country they are fleeing while attempting to gain refuge in another? The obvious answer to both is simple, IDIOTS!!!!! The obvious and blatant attempt to complete the intentional demise of America is sickening. The narrative being vomited out by mainstream media outlets and Hollywood pedophiles literally wreaks of communist intent. Not the Vladimir Putin communism of today, but the vintage Joseph Stalin era communism that has been fermenting under the surface of many Democratically endorsed organizations since the Investigations of Joseph McCarthy in the 1950's. Even though he was successful in exposing some, many slipped through the cracks to further infect this Republic. The border crisis is nothing more than the next phase of a well planned strategy that has been playing out under the noses of apathetic Americans for the last 70+ years. My dad had a saying when I was a child, "Always accusing, Never accused". In other words, it is difficult to act offensively from a constant defensive position. That has been the modus operandi of the Demoncratic party since Donald Trump took office. Luckily for those Americans that sill posses the ability to exercise critical thought, their lies have been so obvious and seriously.........well....just stupid, that we have been able to sidestep any real damage. This border crisis however has just upped the ante. Now we have reprobates willing to put seemingly innocent women and children on the front lines. Mixed in with the murders thieves and God knows who, we have photographic fodder for the communist demonrats to launch a new attack against Trump and any that support him. Now mind you, if your a mother that is stupid enough to expose your children to certain danger (In Diapers), well, I must say my sympathy meter drops to zero for you and your kids. Sounds cold hearted you say? Take a walk through any major City in America and you will find thousands of women and children living on the streets without food or shelter. Wheres your sympathy for them? Your hypocrites, you cant even help those right here at home, so in order to virtue signal, you act as though your generosity has room for more. Again I say; you lying hypocrites. If it means that much to you, why didnt you sell all of your shit and mail the money to these poor, poor Hondurans thus eliminating the need to walk all of this way with their poor, poor children in tow? Because you really dont give a shit. You have an agenda and this fits the narrative you seek. Personally and factually, if anyone is hurt during this siege on our Nation; the blood is on the hands of EVERY communist demonrat in America. This act of aggression has been orchestrated and sponsored by enemies of this Republic and endorsed by useful idiots (Democrats). If you haven't figured that out by now.....well, that just means you are a Democrat. May God protect the innocent in this hellish situation, and damn those responsible for it. #sharethetruth

Ezekiel's Army / November 27th 2018

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