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If America was a cup of Coffee

If America was a cup of coffee, how much other crap would need to be added before it wasn't coffee any more?. I laugh at my wife. Its a half a cup of almond milk, 6 spoons of honey, 10 shakes of cinnamon & some other ingredients foreign to my pallet & then......a splash of coffee. WHAT???? that ain't coffee! at least not to me. I like coffee flavored coffee, But hey, I've got my cup & she has hers. So it works. I refuse to let her pour her ingredients into my cup. Denis Leary did a comedy skit on this. In his skit he asked one simple question. Can I just have a cup of coffee flavored coffee???? My question is just as simple, can I have an American America??? Much like my wife's so called coffee, America has become so diluted with a little bit of this & a little bit of that, it no longer looks or tastes like America any more. Antonio Gramsci wrote well over a thousand pages on how to collapse a society by destroying its culture. Folks, that is exactly what we have allowed. The destruction of our culture. People no longer come to assimilate, they come to impose. And in doing so they have diluted our culture to the point of unrecognizable proportions. As a white male, it seems that myself & others like me are the new Jewish, Black, Female. Obviously I am being facetious, but it is a realistic comparison. White privilege is the new mantra of the socialist, communist, democratic, left. How dare I be a white male, what the hell was I thinking? I could have been anything & I chose this. Now look folks, I'm all for freedom. I'm for a lot of things when it comes to individual freedom & liberty. You can drink your coffee any way you like. But when you declare open season on me & my coffee, the gloves are off. But I'm not alone. As a white male, I have joined the ranks of Patriots, Christians, Heterosexuals, Constitutionalist's & a long list of others. Basically, anything American. I have said many times over the years, there is a war being fought for the hearts & minds of our children. But the fact is that its being fought for the hearts and minds of all of us. I for one am tired of the diluting of my country & my culture. I did not pick this fight but I'm sure as hell willing to fight it. I have a right...a responsibility to defend me & mine against any and all threats & so do you. Its time to stand up for all that this country is to you. Stop letting them pour more shit into the coffee. My mantra is this, I will say what needs to be said & do what needs to be done & I strongly recommend that you do the same. We can & should be proud of who & what we are in the face of those that despise us. This is my America & Im willing to kick your ass to keep it.

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