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Michigan official asks people to “kill every last Muslim” on Facebook — and won’t apologize for it

This is how you stand and fight, there will be no backing down.

A Michigan politician is facing backlash for refusing to apologize for a Facebook post that urged people to “kill every last Muslim,” the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported.

Jeff Sieting, village president of Kalkaska, a small Michigan town about 230 miles northwest of Detroit, posted a lengthy anti-Muslim Facebook status in November. The post said Islam was a “death cult,” and called on non-Muslims to “kill every last Muslim, burn every last copy of their satanic book, burn every last mosque to the ground [and] burn every last dwelling they have occupied.”

The post also said the only “answer” to terrorism is to nuke the two holiest Islamic cities — Mecca and Medina — and 10 of the largest Muslim-majority cities.

The post was found by Kalkaska native Cindy Anderson. Anderson and other constituents asked Sieting to apologize, but he refused, and now, his constituents are looking to remove him from office.

“You ran for office to represent all of the people of this community, not just the white, non-Muslim ones,” Anderson said to Sieting, the Record-Eagle reported. “You were supposed to represent all of your constituents.”

Sieting said he is protected under the First Amendment, the Record-Eagle reported. Sieting also said people who are calling for his resignation are doing so because they oppose President Donald Trump.

“I don’t expect everyone to see things the way I do,” he said, the Record-Eagle reported.

Anderson and other Kalkaska residents created a Facebook group called “Kalkaska Residents for Peace” with the aim of finding a strategy to remove Sieting from office. The Facebook group, according to Anderson, has about 150 members. Right now, the members are looking into a potential recall election and also have started a search for someone to campaign against him in the 2018 election, the Record-Eagle reported.

But there’s at least one resident Sieting can count on for support. Joyce Golden, a citizen of the Kalkaska area, said the village president has every right to post whatever he wants on his personal Facebook account.

“If you don’t want to read it, get off of (his Facebook page),” she said, according to the Record-Eagle, before addressing Sieting. “From what I do know, you are a very honest, faithful, hardworking man and I thank you for that. I hope you continue and stand your ground for your beliefs. I don’t believe he has to represent everybody.”

2 Years later, I can clearly see that very few have learned very little. This fight is real. People, Christians, all non muslims around the world are being raped and murdered in the unholy name of allah. Meanwhile the corporate media coddles these murderous bastards and demonizes any and all that stand against the islamization of their communities and countries. As i have said, even here in my own community, I watched as many coward to the unrelenting threats of the liberal left along with C.A.I.R. and numerous other pro muslim anti american organizations. There is no room for cowards in this fight. Inclusivity is a death sentence to any society that welcomes in this cult of death and destruction. Keep this in mind; your children will suffer the results of your cowardice and apathy. I personally am unwilling to yield to that possibility.

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