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Permanently Banned From YouTube

Infidel Coffee Hour Live, Episode 148,

Recorded 3/20/22

I created this website for just such an occasion. I knew the time was coming when truth would no longer have a place in society. The key to our success is the continued ability to share truths, thoughts and ideas freely without the censorship of Big Brother. So here we are, the time has come much sooner than many of us had be it. However, I would ask that all of you share these videos to as many people as possible. As the title suggests, Ezekiel's Army has been permanently banned from Socialist YouTube and who gives a shit? We need to bring as many with us as we can and vacate a community that boasts standards it does not possess. I will continue to conduct Live Feeds from both FB pages Jess Scott and Jeff Sieting as well as from this website, bitchute and rumble. So please, share these Blogs, Videos and information with everyone, everywhere and remember "Truth is always the first casualty of war" Lets continue this fight.

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