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The real face of EVIL.

As we demonize the democrats for their ignorance and their want to believe the lie. I would like to remind everyone that during the Holocaust, Hitler killed no one. Sure he was responsible, along with many others (Including Americans) that let the ignorant do their bidding while they stood back and watched from the distance. Much like the gunman in this photo, the real killers were every day nobodies. Just ignorant people who fell for the social engineering and propaganda of the time. The same propaganda that is being endorsed and promoted by the communist democrats today. Their ignorance is no less deadly now than it was then. History needs a singular name to pin the evil upon. Its easier than naming the 1000's that actually did the killing. Never mind the fact that the real killers were the teachers, bakers, carpenters and truck drivers of society. Just every day people who were given a uniform a gun and authority over life and death. The result was what we now call the Holocaust. Look at the photo. Hitler is not in it. Hitler didn't kill 6 million Jews. The people did. #sharethetruth

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While the media/ propaganda arm of the nwo would have us all jerking around watching politicians, we should keep in mind that THEY(the puppet masters) wouldn't accomplish anything without the useful idiots that do their bidding.

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