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They want to Kill You.....That's the message

I was notified by a FB friend that he had received a 24 hour suspension for posting an article from BREITBART. It was an article referencing a Movie Trailer which you can see above. ESPN removed the Trailer from their platform following the El Paso shootings. Please watch. It is quite telling as to the future we can expect from the criminal left and their mentally ill minions. Curious, I posted the article myself. The post was instantaneously blocked and FB informed me that the post violated community standards. Seems they don't want this tidbit of truth and reality getting out. It doesn't fit their narrative. Keep in mind that ESPN's parent company is none other than Disney......every child's favorite pedophile endorsing family entertainment channel. Please share this website link with all of your friends PLEASE. We must continue sharing the truth by whatever means available. This website was built for just such an occasion. This is very telling, don't be naive. They want us dead at any cost.


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