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This is Genocide on a Global Scale.

I am grateful for those that take the time to send me videos and articles. This one was sent to me by Nailgun Junior.....Folks, there is a reason that they are not allowing this information on your social media page, the same reason that you are not hearing about it from mainstream media outlets. This is genocide, and the most vulnerable are those that sit and watch the tell-lie-vision like it is the alter of God. They would rather you were dead. To believe any of these people that have a proven track record of lying to you over and over again and WHAT? now all of the sudden they are telling the truth because they care about you? Wake the fuck up and quit being so damn ignorant. One vaccine is no damn better than the other. I dont give a shit who makes it. ITS POISON...DO NOT TAKE IT!!!!!!! And for those that do take it willingly....I will have not one ounce of pity for you....NONE!!!! You have been warned by hundreds that stand to gain nothing while they risk to lose everything. But many would rather listen to the lies of those that strictly stand to gain for their deceit. The choice is yours. Once you take it, there is no turning back, its affects are irreversible, they have no liability in the outcome of this so called vaccine, they will not tell you that it is strictly experimental and that it will change your genetics forever. Choose wisely, the results will be permanent.

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