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Why Is Iran Flying A Blood Red Flag Over A Famous Mosque That Is Directly Associated With The Mahdi?

I was at a funeral some time back, while standing in line to sign the guest book, I struck up a conversation with an elderly gentleman that has led to years of correspondence. As it turned out, this elderly man was quite learned. He was studied and well versed on the subjects of Economics a Political science. I would like to share our most recent correspondence as I believe that it is the sage advice from a man that has experienced what we call history and he terms life. (Lou N.) Apparently war is now assured and it will not be a conventional war and also on our continent in unconventional ways we are not familiar with. Any war is unfortunate. I believe appeasement would not have worked as Iran has expanded over all the mid East and not complied with the previous nuclear agreement. Iran is committed to destroying Israel and the West. They cannot do that alone or even with Mid East allies. They will need Korea, China and Russia with whom they are now cooperating in war games. In the U.S. there will be fear of terrorist attacks and handgun sales and carry will increase.

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(Jeff Sieting Live) This day was inevitable. The Industrial Military Complex Eisenhower warned us of...always gets its way. Iran has always been the final target. There were 5 primary targets....Iran is the last of the 5. As you have written..It is a guarantee that Iran will team with China, Russia and N. Korea, that too has been their plan. America has already all but fallen, government is unproductive and no longer serves a population that has become so diluted, divided and apathetic that it does not realize that their nation is on the brink of total collapse. Couple that with a 23 trillion dollar national debt along with an additional 200 trillion + in unfunded liability....all combined will write the final chapter for this Republic as we once knew it. We will, in the not too distant future be absorbed into the global community and either be destroyed or forgotten. Either way, I wouldnt be having any kids at this point in history which really helps the muslim cause. If war it must be; than war it is. At this point, its really not going to change Gods plan for Mystery Babylon.

(Lou N.) There will be the war the bible describes in Revelations and this Nation will not be able to defend itself in any manner similar to the second world war because the strength and character of the young adults and their parents has no similarity to the youth of that time. The next war will destroy life and preserve resources. It will be nuclear and those who live and even unharmed will die because they have no practical skill or knowledge and because they have not read or prepared. Even those who have like you and me will be overrun by those stronger who have lost or never learned how to share and care for others. We cannot have enough arms or defense and there are no really safe places to go to. Earlier in my life when I was studying economics and political science I annually participated in three day economic seminars once a year with prominent economics and social leaders. One presentation was that society will eventually evolve to small communities of survivors of no my that 300 people seven miles apart in a communal environment. The number 300 was specified because that is the number of people that an individual can know they can trust. I read every day and include Economic collapse and Automatic earth daily. I have had zero success raising any interest among family and friends even with all the information I can send in their own education and responsibility or development of skills. People are unwilling to expend any energy in their own interest to learn or practice independence. My neighbors will overrun any of my defenses and benefit from all my resources in a short time regardless of my preparations. I am sure God knew we would not be able to handle free will and be able to govern over the long term and this has been a long game to prove that.

You and I are a small minority.

(Jeff) I wish we could have met you years ago, The conversations we could have had. It saddens me to think of the magnitude of loss of life and the ugliness of what is sure to ensue. I have a well rounded group of individuals that will stand with the best. Well armed and well trained. That being said, our downfall will be the fact that we still embrace humanity and the sanctity of life. Heartless killers we will never be; unlike those I am certain that we will face in those times. I see that Iran is making good on its threats of retaliation which comes as no surprise and in turn I am certain that Donald J. Trump will do the same. As tumultuous as these times may be, I must say, "It is an interesting time to be alive". Your summary of this current generation is as accurate as I have ever read, the American population has become a diluted and watered down culture of apathetic nobodies. Void of meaning, purpose or direction as pertains to most every facet of their lives. Enslaved by debt incurred through the purchase of things they will never own, while seeking happiness through possessions and social media affirmation. I look around and shake my head at the depth and effectiveness of the social engineering induced through public schools and their socialist curriculum. Bertrand Russell and his theory of General Effects of Scientific Technique were correct, and precise in their implementation. Children today do believe in essence that snow is black. Tragedy on many levels my friend. My live feeds are reaching a couple hundred every Sunday night with moderate effectiveness. Some have traveled to meet and receive face to face advice on steps to take. For that little bit......I am grateful. In closing I will quote the words of a childhood gospel hymn. Hes got the whole world in His hands, Hes got the whole wide world in His hands, Hes got the whole world in His hands. And for that, I again am grateful. God bless you and yours Lou.

Friends, this man is in his 90's and even he can see the culmination of events as they are unfolding. Strengthen your resolve and make ready your hearts. Trying times are ahead in more ways than one.

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