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It is a Mental illness !!!!!!!

The Transexual/Transgender movement was started by 3 pedophiles. Dr. Alfred Kinsey, Dr. Harry Benjamin, and Dr. John Money.

"The story starts with the infamous Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a biologist and sexologist whose legacy endures today,” Heyer pointed out. “Kinsey believed that all sex acts were legitimate — including pedophilia, bestiality, sadomasochism, incest, adultery, prostitution and group sex. He authorized despicable experiments on infants and toddlers to gather information to justify his view that children of any age enjoyed having sex. Kinsey advocated the normalization of pedophilia and lobbied against laws that would protect innocent children and punish sexual predators.”

Adding to the list, Kinsey wanted to make psychological abnormalities manifest themselves physically, as well.

“Transsexualism was added to Kinsey’s repertoire when he was presented with the case of an effeminate boy who wanted to become a girl,” Heyer explained. “Kinsey consulted an acquaintance of his, an endocrinologist by the name of Dr. Harry Benjamin. Transvestites, men who dressed as women, were well-known. Kinsey and Benjamin saw this as an opportunity to change a transvestite physically, way beyond dress and make-up. Kinsey and Benjamin became professional collaborators in the first case of what Benjamin would later call ‘transsexualism.’”

And the third founder of the movement, Dr. John Money, used deceit to push transgenderism forward, telling the parents of a two-year-old boy with a botched circumcision that the best way to remedy the problem was to physically change his genitalia into a girl’s. Naively following their doctor’s advice, the parents went ahead with it. The biologically born boy was extremely depressed at the age by 12, so the parents told their son — who was told up until then that he was a girl — the truth. He went on to disassociate himself from Money and undo the gender change to live as a boy.

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