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The Days of Noah

The sign of the flood was found in the hearts of men.

I can't help but wonder what thoughts raced through the minds of those left standing, watching as the water lifted the great boat from its place of construction. I also cant help but wonder what must have been going through the minds of Noah and his family as they felt this massive ship lift from its moorings. Now remember, Noah was 500 years old when he received the revelation from God that He (God) was going to set His wrath against all of the inhabitants of the world and destroy every living thing with a great flood. Not a cloud in the sky. But the fact is, the signs of the coming storm were hidden in the hearts of man. By the time Noah had completed the Ark, he was 600 years old. For the Bible tells us that in his 600th year Noah entered the Ark. This fact brings to mind another question. How much scoffing and ridicule did he (Noah) and his family endure during the period of the construction of this great ship. 100 years of ridicule and in the middle of a desert no less. In Luke 12:56 Gods word tells us: You Hypocrite, you know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky, why can you not interpret the times in which you are living. Much the same could and should be said of those living today. The signs are all around us, yet many if not most are oblivious to the realities of the world they are living in. As a prepper I can say that many, including some family members think that I have lost MY mind. That everything will work its way out.....well, because it always has. I say; tell that to the millions killed during the holocaust. Or to the millions murdered in communist China along with a list of millions of others that were marched effortlessly to their doom, believing all the while that everything will inevitably work itself out. That everything eventually will be okay. That the flood will never come. If they could have only glimpsed a small portion of the evil and horror that was about to befall them, I believe history would have in many instances taken a different course. I say the same today. The writing is on the wall. Humanity has reached new unexplored depths of depravity and evil. God also tells us that in the last days the suffering will be unparalleled. It will be like nothing that has come before and unlike anything that will ever be again. So what is my point you ask? Where will you be when the hypothetical door of the Ark slams shut? What thoughts will be running through your mind when you realize that the tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist nut job.........WAS RIGHT? The time to act is now. Stock food, water, medical supplies....EVERYTHING you will need to survive the coming flood. In other words, build an ark. Now mind you, I am speaking in euphemisms, there will be no actual flood. Nor do I expect that anyone should build an actual ark. But what about an economic collapse? 22 Trillion dollars in debt and climbing. The world, buried in debt by fiat currency that possesses no intrinsic value. What will you do when your money becomes worthless? What about a civil war? Never before has this nation been so fundamentally divided. These divisions are vast and deeply inbedded on both sides. No one is listening while everyone is wanting to be heard. Calls for violence against anyone that does not share their views. How will you protect yourself and your loved ones? The absolute bankruptcy of morality. A population celebrating the passage of law that allows the murder of the unborn and now newly born. The rampant and militant stand of the LGBTQ and soon to be P for pedophile that is intent on the destruction of the hearts and minds of our children, and educational institutions that fervently promote this sick, depraved and immoral behavior that is being thrust upon the youth of this nation. How are you protecting your children? We as a culture have gone too far. Our sins I am certain have reached the ears of God. And just as has happened in the distant past, humanity will cross a threshold from which there will be no return. In Gods own words " Romans 1:28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Reprobate according to the American Dictionary is: a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person. a person rejected by God and beyond hope of salvation. That accurately describes a large portion of the world today. Much like those left standing on the rocks as the great boat lifted and began to float off into the horizon. At that point, they knew. There will be no going back, all choice and free will were removed from them. Folks, we are there. We are watching as the Ark is being built by those that have heard Gods warning, and once again the signs of the flood can only be clearly seen in the hearts of man. Do not question how or why. Gods word told us the answer. They have in fact been surrendered by God to a reprobate mind with no hope and no escape from the prison they have built for themselves. My suggestion? grab some tools and get building. Take a good look around. We like the frog in the kettle are being boiled slowly. A little at a time so as not to notice how hot the water has become. The world will change in the blink of an eye. Be ready, get ready! God Bless and thanks for reading.

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