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The Truth About A Trillion

I would imagine that many have taken me off of their news feed. I fully understand. I get it. The things I speak of are uncomfortable at best & can greatly hinder a person's ability to function in a world that could seem meaningless in light of all the madness in the world. I will give you a figure. $20,000,000,000,000.00 That's 20 Trillion. 60 x 60 x 24 = 86400 seconds in a day. 86,400 seconds per day... 604,800 seconds in a week. 1 Month to Seconds = 2592000 3,151,440,000 seconds in 100 years. How long will it take to count to one trillion? A long time; hours days depends how fast you are counting ... Counting at a rate of one number per second, it will take around 31,688 years. Now multiply 31,688 years by 20.......Pretty sad isn't it?

Now knowing this, I will add a true & simple fact. Dollars ARE NOT MONEY. They are debt notes. They have NO true value. As a matter of fact each dollar comes to us with interest. You see we do not print our own money as is lawful through Congress. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 stripped the American people of the right to print their own money interest free. So now we pay interest on the money loaned to the U.S. from the Federal Reserve which is no part nor is it affiliated in any way with the United States. It is an outside entity that loans us money with interest. So not only are we 20 Trillion in Debt but the debt continues to climb due to interest along with unrestrained Government spending. We have had as President of the United states 3 Men that knew this & tried to put a stop to it. Jackson (who was successful till his death) Lincoln & Kennedy. Jackson shot the man dead that attempted to assassinate him. So knowing these few simple facts, I would ask. Do you really think we are going to pay our way out of this? Absolutely NOT. Thats the reality we face. So then what ? you might ask. Good question. No one really knows. They are going to continue to print more debt notes (money) until we have what happened in 2008 with the housing collapse, only 1000s of times worse because this collapse will be on a global scale. You see we are not the only ones running our economy on borrowed fiat currency. The whole world is doing it. Look at Venezuela, Greece, Germany, Italy & the list goes on. They are crumbling under the weight of failed currencies. So now the the real reason for this post. If you are not taking steps to safeguard you & your family from what is guaranteed to happen then SHAME ON YOU. i have warned many of you time n time again hoping that you are listening. And so here is the warning one last time. Get prepared !!!!!! Once this happens...I promise it will be MUCH TOO LATE for you & your family. You WILL NOT be able to rely ON OTHERS that have at great expense, passed up vacations & everything shiny to insure that they & their family can & will survive the coming collapse. There will be NO GREY AREA here. When the stores are empty & they will be overnight (like Venezuela & others) & your food is gone...well...desperate times call for desperate measures. It will be each group for himself & those that said ah bull crap, this will never happen & others that figure they will just run to good ole whats his names place. He's got plenty. You will be met with the wrong end of a gun if they are smart. Laugh if you choose. I dont give a shit. Its your choice. Donald Trump may be the next great President. But he cannot stop what is coming. God alone will determine the future. So go ahead, watch football & buy all the shit that will not taste good no matter how much salt n gravy you put on it. But if you're smart you will heed this warning & take appropriate measures. I pray you do. And unless you have LOTS of money to prepare, It may already be too late. Pray for time.

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